Fire Protection Reaches Across Borders

The Memorial Peace Arch at the Canada-USA border overlooks firefighters from Delta, BC, Canada and Point Roberts, WA, USA. Their application of highly reflective safety decals to a fire hydrant launches the Fire Hydrant Decal Project.

Fire Hydrant Safety Decal Project©

Saving lives and property is the reason behind a Rotary Club project with an international flavor. It started when our Rotary Club supported a brilliant idea.

Deputy Chief Roger Lasell of the Delta Fire & Emergency Services had the idea of putting highly reflective decals on fire hydrants. The decals help firefighters quickly find the hydrants at night. Additionally he wanted messages on the decals such as "To Report A Fire Call 911" and "Don't Play With Matches". The messages serve as everyday reminders that help children and the general public become more aware of fire safety.

With the fire chiefs for both Tsawwassen (Ta-Wa-Sen), BC, Canada and Point Roberts, WA, USA in our Rotary Club the idea was enthusiastically accepted.

Prototypes worked so well that Tsawwassen Rotary is seeking national approval from both Canadian and American Fire Fighter Associations.

Decals on fire hydrants get community attention and create fire safety teaching opportunities. So to help firefighters spread the fire safety message to high-risk groups like school children or older adults the Fire Hydrant Decal Project includes funding to buy fire safety brochures. When fire prevention personnel make presentations they can leave brochures to reinforce their message. The brochures are more than message reminders because those that get taken home bring vital fire safety information to other family members.

Now the Rotary Club of Tsawwassen makes this innovative program available to any community as a simple, effective and low-cost way to promote fire prevention and assist firefighters.

We launched the first Fire Hydrant Decal Project across an international boundary. This was natural for our Rotary Club because it represents a unique corner of the world that has members from both Canada and the United States. Members come from Tsawwassen and Point Roberts, neighboring communities separated by the Canadian-American international boundary.

Many Club members live in the town of Tsawwassen on the peninsula that extends from Canada into the U.S. waters of Boundary Bay. Tsawwassen is a town of over 20,000 residents in the Province of British Columbia on Canada's west coast. The international boundary separates them from the southern tip of the peninsula.

South of the border in the U.S. town of Point Roberts more Club members are among the 1,000 other residents that live separated from the remainder of Washington State by sea and Canadian land. Everyday people from each side of the border pass back and forth through the crossing station on the shared main street.

Our Rotary Club has service projects and events in both communities.

To learn more about the Fire Hydrant Decal Project see our How To Start guide and our Frequently Asked Questions page. To present the project to your Rotary Club or to the Fire Chief we created a brochure as a presentation aid. Just print it out and use it to get support for a Fire Hydrant Decal Project in your community

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